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Why Us?

This privately owned company was founded by, owner Joseph Alba.

What started as a small family owned business with has since been nurtured into a growing team of skilled and well trained professionals! Here at Mile High Suds we understand how important it is to take care of an investment like a house, rental property, or business and along with that comes a laundry list of amenities to maintain, and windows to keep clean. As much as we love the good old windex or newspaper trick, with the adverse seasons and constant weather changes Colorado experiences our windows need a little more TLC than just a bottle of windex! No-one likes to fear falling off a ladder to reach those untouched windows or ceiling fans which is why we all agree you should leave the dangerous ladder climbing and streak free cleaning to our pros!  We Pride ourselves not only on attention to detail, but we really value building and maintaining our client relationships! If you love a home grown business,  a professional experience, and a crystal clear view you are in the right place! 

Pro Tip... 

How to tell if you hire the right company for you 

  • Does professional Customer Service staff answer the phone?

  • Does the company have a good web site?

  • Read the reviews.


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